Our teacher programmes


BSI People Skills discovered a resounding need for growing leadership and team skills amongst all participants in a school community. Teachers, parents, caregivers and students all benefit from developing key skills that empower, and provide sustainable and healthy cultures.

Awareness of individual needs and different personality types allows us to harness the strengths each of us bring to the whole.

If you have something specific you would like to talk to us about:

The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years is a programme supported in New Zealand by the Ministry  of Education. BSI Teacher Skills delivers two programmes:

The Basic Teacher Programme
Autism Teaching Programme

The School Years

Whether you are a part of an Early Childhood, Primary, or Secondary School community we can empower you to lead, and contribute to healthy collaborative cultures and relationships. We have programmes for teachers, parents and students that cater to all education levels and needs.

Leadership and Team building

We often talk to teachers, parents and students who want to build confidence by developing leadership skills. We also facilitate programmes to develop healthy communication and team dynamics within school communities.

Renew your passion for teaching


People go into teaching for many different reasons:

  • Love working with a particular age group
  • Wanting to inspire a love of learning
  • Love of sharing knowledge or supporting children’s development
  • And for many, it’s to make a difference.

And then it gets real!
So many different people to interact with:

  • Children not listening
  • Challenging colleagues
  • Different parents’ expectations/aspirations
  • So much paperwork!

What’s the answer?
There are no magic wands, but there are many strategies and tools to help you be the amazing teacher you want to be.