The Culture Excellence Summit

It’s workplace culture. It’s a community. It’s your first step.

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Culture Excellence
/ˈkʌltʃə/ /ˈɛks(ə)l(ə)ns/

The perfect mix of leadership, teamwork, vision and values, and culture to make your workplace an amazing place to work.

You’ve heard how important it is to have a good workplace culture.
You’ve heard it’s how to keep your staff.
You’ve heard it’s where you need to focus.
But what actually is good workplace culture?

Every blog post seems to contradict the other, while consultant’s fees make your eyes water.
You’ve wasted time and energy searching for answers, but feel more confused about where to start than before.

Step through the muddle and onto your path towards workplace culture success.

Discover actionable strategies that you can apply to your business the next day and start to see immediate results.

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Summit speakers:

Cathy Sheppard


Founder of the Culture Excellence Summit

Nina Fountain

Key Note Speaker

Using Your Space To Enable The Best From Your People

C.E.O. at The Workspace Connection and Platinum Sponsor

Phil Smith


Bringing It All Together

COO at Profitable Tradie and Gold Sponsor

Lisa Martin



CEO at GoFi8ure and Culture Excellence Awards Small Business Category Finalist

Haylee Wrenn



CEO at Acountabill and Culture Excellence Awards Small Business and People’s Choice Category Winner

Dean Carey


Vision and Values

CMO and Co-Founder at Pro-Civil and Culture Excellence Awards Medium Business Category Finalist

Teesha Masson



Managing Director at Strictly Savvy and Culture Excellence Awards Medium Business and Supreme Category Winner

Steve Pike

TedX Speaker

Using Giving Back To Create Culture Excellence

Created with your issues in mind, this summit is the only summit in New Zealand helping you shed the light on THE topic of conversation in the business world RIGHT NOW.


The details:
Date: 21st March
Time: 9.30 am start
Location: Virtual summit


The Workspace Connection – Platinum Sponsor
Profitable Tradie – Gold Sponsor

BSI People Skills – Gold Sponsor


BSI People Skills

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Frequently asked questions

How long can I access the information?
There is no time limit on accessing the content! You will be able to study and refer back to it any time you wish!

Is there a money-back guarantee?
All paid tickets have a money-back guarantee right up until the day of the event.