About Everything DiSC®– Workplace Assessment, Training and Management Skills

Learn about Everything DiSC®, a psychometric testing assessment tool and weapon of choice for the BSI People Skills team!
Everything DiSC® is a world leader in psychometric testing and personality profiling.

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Our team building consultants use Everything DiSC® to help you and your team gain a better understanding about what makes each other tick in both our Teams that Work and Leaders that Work packages.

What are Everything DiSC® Profiles and why do I need to do one?

Everything DiSC® is a world leading psychometric and behavioural profiling tool used to help empower you and better manage your workforce. Now who wouldn’t want that?!

BSI People Skills are fully accredited to use Everything DiSC®. The tools help people better understand and appreciate themselves, others, and their behaviour in person to person communication situations. Everything DiSC® is non-judgmental, meaning it helps people discuss their behavioural differences openly and honestly. This creates a space for free and open communication between you and your colleagues and clients. How exciting, right?

Everything DiSC® gives you the tools to need to better understand yourself and those around you. For example, if you’re working in sales, Everything DiSC® helps you figure out what your customer needs based on their personality and then gives you the tools to respond appropriately to their needs and expectations. Because of this, you adjust your behaviour to meet the wants and needs of your customers. This then results in better customer service.

Everything DiSC® has been used by thousands of organisations worldwide. Not only that, it’s been used by over 40 million people to improve workplace productivity, and for building teamwork skills. Above all, this amazing psychometric testing tool has helped to facilitate effective communication practices between so many people!

Wiley’s Everything DiSC® has been continually developed, improved, and updated over the past 40 years. This means it is the best DiSC® profiling tool in the marketplace because it is constantly being reworked to suit the wants and needs of their clients! Not only this, it is the only version with Adaptive Testing, which allows it to be more flexible, accurate and reliable than ever. Pretty awesome huh?!

We have really been putting Wiley’s Everything DiSC® to the test!

What results have we seen with our clients?

We have seen so many awesome results in our clients because of the power of Everything DiSC®. These include improved staff productivity and less staff turn over.

But that isn’t all!

Everything DiSC® is the solution for so many more workplace niggles. For example, it is used to improve leadership skills in managers and supervisors. DiSC® does this by teaching them about their natural management style and how to get the best out of their team!

Larger team sessions also benefit from the power of Everything DiSC®. This is because Everything DiSC® facilitates open and honest communication between team members.

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