“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
What is the most important thing in the world?
It is people, it is people, it is people.”

Build Professional Relationships With the Workplace Culture Badge

The Workplace Culture Badge is a badge of honour, placing your company within the elite in workplace culture. Our team development experts can help you transform your culture and build lasting relationships.

The cultural excellence program use accreditation process tests and improves your workplace culture in four components.

Organisations that possess these leadership qualities will score highly:

  • Confident management – directing, delegating, motivating, developing staff effectively
  • Inspiring staff towards a common vision
  • All on the same page

Organisations that possess these team qualities will score highly:

  • Great trust and communication
  • Diverse team working with each others’ strengths
  • Motivated and inspired
  • All working towards a common vision

Organisations that possess these leadership qualities will score highly:

  • A strong vision for the company that people are invested in
  • A shared mission/purpose for the organisation
  • Effective core values that shape behaviour, both within and beyond the organisation

Organisations that possess these culture qualities will score highly:

  • Tools that enable team members to understand themselves and each other
  • Clear wording defining what you want your company culture to be like, shared and lived at every level
  • Integration of the other three areas – leadership, teams, purpose/vision/values – across all facets of the business

Benefits of the Workplace Culture Badge

International research shows that people are leaving companies with unfavourable culture in droves, for those with a vibrant and inspiring  workplace culture – even if it means taking a paycut! By implementing our highly-effective workplace policies, your company will be on the right side of history and show the world how amazing your workplace is with the Workplace Culture Badge.

Attract and keep top-tier talent
Amidst a global re-shuffle of the finest talent, stand out and attract the experts you need to build a stronger company. The Workplace Culture Badge is your guarantee that your business is the right place for the leading experts to hang their hats and call home.

Excellent Brand Enhancement
People are more aware than ever of the power of their dollar and an awareness culture is growing where individuals are quick to boycott businesses that don’t match their values. The Workplace Culture Badge is the accreditation you need to propel your brand into the future and not get lost in the crowd.

Transparency and Legitimacy
In a world where transparency into workplace procedures is expected, the Workplace Culture Badge is the proof you are putting in the hard work behind the scenes to ensure your employees love coming to work.

What do we offer?

We offer the first workplace culture accreditation in New Zealand. Our cultural excellence programs place you within the best in workplace culture and give you a badge to prove it.

The process:

  • We evaluate your workplace culture in 4 areas:
    – Leadership
    – Teams
    – Vision and values
    – Culture
  • We provide a professional development training package that is tailored to your organisation.
  • We provide you with comprehensive reporting throughout the accreditation process.
  • We provide on-going support to your leaders and managers to formulate an effective continuation strategy.

To keep the Workplace Culture Badge valid, all accredited businesses will be reviewed annually. Not only does this help ensure the prestige of the Workplace Culture Badge and those who possess it, it helps you as a business owner to make sure there are no cracks forming in your business. Get in touch today to learn more about the cost of securing your business’s Workplace Culture Badge.


Cheal Consultants’ journey to the Culture Excellence Badge accreditation stands as a testament to their dedication to creating a thriving workplace culture. This accreditation not only recognises their efforts but also positions them as a desirable employer, thereby attracting quality talent and enhancing their market presence.
Cheal’s story is an inspiring example for other organisations aspiring to make their workplace culture a cornerstone of their business success.

“You explained the process well from the outset, so we knew exactly what was involved, and what commitment from us was required (time + cost).

The process is not overly time-consuming, which in today’s world, you have to weigh up if the cost and time commitment is worth it. It totally is to gain this accreditation! Great communication from yourself and your team.”

Find out more

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