Business development

Accelerate your company’s growth with our exclusive business development programs

Is your company struggling to achieve its growth objectives? Accelerate your professional growth with our small business development programs. We understand that the growth journey is anything but linear. We will work with you to find your groove through our targeted business development coaching courses. 

We offer a range of comprehensive business development programs designed to help small and large companies achieve their growth objectives. Our experienced coaches provide customised business coaching courses across NZ and the globe, prioritising a holistic workplace culture whilst striving for organic growth and expansion. 

For small businesses looking to accelerate their growth, we offer small business development programs tailored to meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs and startups. Our business development coaching services are also available to provide ongoing support and guidance to larger clients as they implement their team growth and development strategies. With our proven track record of success, our business development programs are an ideal choice for any company looking to take its operations to the next level.

Retain your value-adding employees with our comprehensive staff retention program

Employee retention is a crucial factor for businesses looking to expand and achieve long-term success. High turnover rates can be expensive and disruptive, leading to decreased productivity. 

At BSI People Skills, we understand the importance of individuals in building a strong and committed workforce. Our employee retention strategies are designed to help businesses keep their staff engaged and motivated, reducing a high turnover and enabling them to focus on growth and expansion. 

Our customised programs equip business leaders and HR professionals with the necessary tools to create a supportive work environment.