Who we are

BSI People Skills is a leadership coaching organisation providing companies with the key to understanding the people in their workplace

Founder and lead coach Cathy attended a DiSC workshop in 2005 that changed her life. It gave her the tool she knew she was looking for, to help people understand themselves and each other. A tool that is world renowned for improving communication and building some of the most successful teams.

Changing things from the inside out through effective leadership coaching

Fast forward to today, BSI People Skills, using Everything DiSC®, has played a crucial part in changing people’s lives and organisations from the inside out.

Like many of you, Cathy has seen the devastating effects of an unhealthy workplace on so many people. We all know that friend who has been through a devastating experience at work, and their flame seems to dull… not only for a short time, but there are long term effects too.

Empowering individuals

Workplaces that work are great places to work. BSI People Skills team development strategies can help you to transform your organisation by empowering individuals to create a workplace that works.

The BSI process

BSI People Skills will show you the process to motivate individual staff members and teams to create the great workplace that works for you.

Changing lives, building functional teams

Maybe you have seen this in friends, or maybe this friend is you?

Cathy had seen the challenge and the problem leaving her with no option but to start BSI People Skills. Cathy knew there was a better way.

Her passion for assisting people with professional development and personal growth lead Cathy to working in many environments where destructive organisational conflict drove wedges through the middle of some amazing teams.

It’s all about why we transform your team. Changing lives, empowering people and giving people the tools they need, so they can be the change that’s needed, professionally or personally, is why we do what we do! Having used DiSC in her job before BSI People Skills to create a workplace that worked, a team that worked, Cathy knows the benefits of a cohesive and productive team.

Since going full time in 2015 with BSI People Skills, Cathy has been able to help so many businesses turn around and get amazing results, using the best in human technologies, including Everything DiSC®, 5 Behaviours Of A Cohesive Team, and Wealth Dynamics profiles.

Adding an education focus

Bringing on Lisa in 2018 added more strength to the BSI People Skills team. Lisa’s wealth of knowledge from her early childhood background meant BSI People Skills had another amazing facilitator based out in Kāpiti, which meant expansion.

Our involvement in delivering the Incredible Years Programme with the Ministry of Education, our BSI Teacher Skills brand, the launch of an online school, moving into a bigger office, and the addition of several new team members contracting for us, has meant 2020 has been our biggest year to date! And more than anything, we are proud of the work we are doing, seeing changes in people’s lives, both professional and personal.

The future

Where will we be in the future? Transforming organisations, making the world a better place through developing relationships. Empowering people, leaders and teams, so everyone we work with can make a greater positive impact in the worlds they live in.

Small steps for some, huge steps for others.

Contact us today and learn more about the cost of bringing your company into the future with BSI People Skills.