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Meet your friendly team who will get you working more effectively and productively

Cathy Sheppard

Executive and Senior Level Facilitator/Coach

Cathy is your workplace expert and people specialist, and all-around dynamo. Cathy lives and breathes what she does, with nothing exciting her more than seeing her clients grow and develop. She loves going out over the weekend to recharge, whether this is out in nature, or around the dinner table with family and friends.

Cathy comes backed with a wealth of experience, both nationally and internationally. She is a world-class people leader, empowering people through igniting leadership at every level of organisations. This passion and drive stems from the fact that until now, Cathy has taught people aged 0-80 in 5 different countries. Her knowledge transcends cultural bounds, with people and relationships being at the centre of everything.


Teacher & Educational Specialist

Lisa is our amazing full-time consultant, un-flappable and calm in most situations. 

Always there to help, Lisa takes challenges in her stride, is super aware of the needs of those around her and is constantly coming up with clever ideas. Lisa brings with her a cool, calming energy that makes people around her feel relaxed, allowing people to bring their best to any situation.

 Like most S’s, Lisa runs deep. She has faced many challenges throughout her life including her brother’s murder. This has meant that resilience is now Lisa’s strongest motivator and supporting others to become their own champion is at the centre of everything she does. Pretty amazing right?



John is steadfast, supportive, and always wanting to know the details, and how things fit together.

Family holds a strong place in John’s life, and he is amazing with people. Super caring and encouraging, John is always willing to go the extra mile, supporting teams and individuals to thrive while allowing customers to have the best experience.

Having lived in Japan for a number of years without speaking the language, John has a genuine empathy for people struggling in any situation. His attention to detail is honed through years of experience owning and managing retail stores. A photographer by passion, John takes all the beautiful imagery you see splashed across our channels and has a real knack for storytelling. Check out his Instagram here.


Team & Leadership Specialist

Sarah gets up every morning to help people enjoy being the best version of themselves and to work powerfully and effectively with others. People getting on, having fun and achieving their goals is her goal – which totally matches her Si (with an Action wing) DiSC profile. You can really feel this in everything Sarah does, and to top it all off, she has an amazing smile.

With a background in coaching and adult education, complimented by IT project management roles both here and abroad, Sarah is a do-er and be-er; an organiser despite a natural urge to go with the flow of the workshop or discussion. Sarah also works for Brainwave Trust Aotearoa, which has grounded all of Sarah’s passion for understanding “why we do what we do”.


Darragh is our marketing maestro who has a flare for the dramatic. A creative soul with an eye for business, he does everything from writing our amazing newsletters and managing social channels, to marketing planning, strategy and branding. 

Going into his last year at Massey Business School majoring in Marketing, Darragh is very results driven during the week, but likes to chill out on the weekend with a glass of Gin and Tonic surrounded by as many amazing friends as he can find. Typical iD profile, right?


Rochelle is our amazing virtual assistant who comes to us from the very talented team at Strictly Savvy. Rochelle is who you want on your quiz team, her pop culture knowledge steering you to victory with its painful accuracy! How does she do it?!

For Rochelle, the devil is in the details. Known for her precision and diligence, Rochelle is ready to catch anything the team throws at her and complete it with ease. As a high C profile, Rochelle is always looking for the best ways to support her clients and colleagues and is great at delivering top tier service every time.



Incredible Years Facilitator
& Gallup Strengths Coach

Not only a qualified early childhood teacher, but having been a centre manager and senior lecturer at Te Rito Maioha too, Kath brings a knack for offering tried and true practical advice drawn from running a busy home and working in dynamic teams. Kath’s area of expertise is in the Incredible Years programmes, as well as working with teams on their strengths. A qualified Gallup Strengths coach, Kath has a wide range of applicable skills that are an asset to the BSI People Skills team as well as a smile and sense of humour that can’t help but make you smile along with her.

In her spare time, she enjoys time with friends, family, and walking her wee dog Meg. In the final year of an educational doctorate, Kath is looking forward to a well-earned summer break, reading anything that has no reference list at the end!