Ignite Your Leadership for teachers and students

A desperate plea from her teenage son was the catalyst for creating Ignite Your Leadership. The summit provides purpose and motivation for today’s youth, parents and teachers within our school communities and the world.

The story behind the summit

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Sadly the education system is broken for a lot of our youth …

Two weeks into lockdown in 2020, my youngest son David said something to me that made me think about the current education system.

I started a conversation with a lot of people, in New Zealand and around the world.

They are all talking about the same message …

Education can be so different. You know this. You’ve felt it.

Maybe you’ve experienced it as a young person in school, or as a teacher.

People all over the world are waking up to their own incredible potential – and realising that what they have been taught in school is woefully inadequate for the life-skills and learning they need to navigate this unprecedented new world we are living in.

An international online event for youth and teachers to unlock potential, value all people and find hope for the future.
Listening to the voices of youth.
Listening to the voices of teachers.
Listening to the voices of leaders within Aotearoa and around the world.

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