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Team building and development – workshops

BSI People skills provides highly personalised leadership training and team building workshops to suit your workplace’s specific. Our workshop consultants are highly trained to be able to provide the solutions to any issues you or your team may be facing.


Participants often tell us how much they enjoy our training – both workshops and coaching, and how any apprehensions they may have had were quickly dispelled and that it felt safe and non-confrontational. All our training enforces how all people are equally valuable and how to work best with all the different styles of people.

99% of the participants on our team building workshops would recommend our training to others.

Cynthia Lendrum
Cynthia Lendrum
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My team was formed following a major re structure late in 2021 therefore started 2022 in a very vulnerable position.

Prior to the change we worked independently, embedded in separate teams across the organisation, doing similar functions but differently. The new structure flipped that completely and gave us modern agile to redesign how we worked together.

One of the foundations of modern agile is ‘make people awesome’ and that’s where BSI People Skills came in.

Completing profiles, sharing the results and then workshopping DISC together completely reshaped our thinking about collaboration. The individuals in the team were already awesome but DISC broke down barriers respectfully and demonstrated how we could be more powerful as a collective, more authentic in our delivery.

Plus it was a lot of fun! DISC is a common language for us now and readily referred to when collaborating with others. I had people in the team who were on the fence about the future but since this work started we have had zero turnover saving us tens of thousands in terms of related recruitment, training and time cost.


We offer many different types of workshops and training. Because your needs are unique, our training is tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

Teams that Work

4 hours team building workshop for groups of 3+

This team development workshop is powerful and interactive, and all about building productive teams that work well together – happy and healthy teams are more productive. Just some of the outcomes you can expect are:

  • Improved communication and motivation
  • Increased team cohesion
  • Decreased conflict and its impact on the team
  • Positively impact productivity and results

Vision and values

Get your team on the same page heading in the same direction, and identify your business core values to up engagement and enable your business to thrive.

  • Have a clear direction going forward
  • Agreed core values to shape behaviour
  • Clearer decision making
  • Complete staff buy in

The Five Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team


Your TEAM can do better! With this powerful and transformational programme things will never be the same again. We can help you take your team on this highly rewarding journey to excellence. The potential pay-off is huge, for you, your team members and your organisation.

Sales Workshops

Powering up your sales team with Everything DiSC Sales so you can build stronger relationships with each of your different clients, using an existing customer as a case study so you can actually see the practical application and understand the process quickly.

  • Learning more about your own style
  • Learning about different styles and their priorities, motivators, needs and expectations
  • Learning how to meet different customers’ needs and expectations


Productive Conflict

Some cultures tell us conflict is something to avoid, so conflict is an area many people find hard! Want to have the tools to make this easy for your team? What does this look like?

  • People willing and able to have difficult conversations
  • Getting everyone’s point of view enabling better decision making
  • A more open work environment
  • Greater buy-in from the whole team!!

Activate Leadership Workshops

For leadership teams wanting to develop their leadership skills together, and become the leaders to take your team into tomorrow with certainty.

Management and leadership are learned skills. Focus on the areas most needed to manage and lead people – leveraging your natural strengths to better inspire your people and make things happen.

  • Improved confidence amongst the leadership
  • Reduced conflict and ability to manage situations
  • Ability to inspire and enrol teams into action
  • Better directing/delegating, motivating, and developing your people
  • Change management – process and engage
  • Using vision as a tool to lead and inspire
  • Improve communication
  • Build a thriving team that works well together

Work done to build these skills at the top of an organisation has a trickle-down effect, changing what happens underneath.

These workshops can either focus on developing management skills or leadership skills, depending on the needs of your people.

Please note, it is our policy to meet for a consultation before locking in any of the above workshops to ensure you will get the results you need. Contact us for workshop cost information or book a call with one of our team building facilitators today.

In addition to our team focused training we have workshops that provide leadership and management skills and growth.

Or you can get in touch and we can create customised solutions to match your needs. We’d love to have the opportunity to hear about your business, discuss how we could help you or answer any questions you may have. Contact us for more information, or a consultation.

“I want to say thanks for the Sessions (Therapy) that you have been having with me. It has given me the insight on how others see me as well as how I should be seeing them. My Interaction with my team has taken on a whole new meaning. I am excited about what this team can achieve by sharing a vision, taking action and winning the game. On a personal level it has made me more relaxed and focused on the challenges we face at MJH. Thanks Cathy!”
– Peter Blackwell