March 2018 - Trip to Bangladesh & Nepal

Nepal-Bangladesh Trip

Nepal-Bangladesh Trip
Nepal-Bangladesh Trip


Another trip to Bangladesh is over, and again it has been an amazing experience. This time I also spent time in Nepal at the 2nd International Youth Summit/Global Youth Summit, held in Pokhara, from 16th to 20th February. More than 200 participants from 17 different countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Hungary, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Russia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Oman, Bahrain, USA, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sudan, India, Brazil, UAE) met there to discuss the contemporary global and local issues affecting youth and communities. I was a keynote speaker and also delivered 2 workshops as part of the International Youth Summit.

One of the many highlights was the opportunity to be a judge for the ‘Ideas Competition', where 18 young people shared their ideas of how they could make a difference in the world. There was a real genuineness about looking for ways to make the world a better place - a focus of the joint Summit was the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Another highlight was the diversity of people there, especially seeing everyone in their traditional cultural dress. A large delegation from Afghanistan drove 35 hours from Delhi in India to get there, arriving at 4 a.m. but then being ready to participate by 8.30 that morning. It was fantastic to be part of the energy the young people shared, dancing together, sharing their music, and discussing the many issues they and their communities are facing, looking for ideas they can use to move forward.

Read Newsletter from the winners of the "Ideas Competition"

Nepal-Bangladesh Trip
Nepal-Bangladesh Trip


While in Bangladesh, I again ran training sessions for WSDA New Zealand, with University students, teachers, executives from an Engineering Company, South East Bank and SEIP, as well as a full day session as part of the Future CEO programme. The variety of workshops I run during these trips keeps life interesting! One day it might be Personal Leadership, another Quality Education or Designing Your Career, Life Skills, Handling Difficult Customers, Managing your Emotions, Handling Stress, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, Developing Empathy, and then thinking of the different audiences too. The feedback from the participants is always very positive - soft skills and emotional intelligence are new things to be learning over there. On each return, it is fantastic to meet people from past trainings who talk about the difference this training makes, not only at work, but also in their personal lives. Hugely rewarding!

Nepal-Bangladesh Trip

So what else has BSI People Skills been up to?

We are delighted to welcome Lisa Addy to the team! She too is a Certified DiSC Trainer and comes from a background in education, with plenty of experience working in teams. She's been working with Cathy since the middle of last year and is now part of the team here. Welcome, Lisa! Supporting us with the admin side is Keeley from Strictly Savvy. Wonderful to have the support of that fabulous team behind us as well.

What are we planning for the year?

We've got something new happening! We've been doing lots of work with small to medium business owners who are finding that managing a team of staff members is not always easy, and who are wanting to get better results - a strong healthy team is more engaged and productive, as well as making a much happier work environment! Developing management and leadership skills is part of this, as the culture of any organisation comes from the top. We're putting a real focus on developing leadership and management skills this year so that more business owners can see their businesses thrive. If you want to understand your staff and customers better, understand how to engage more effectively with your customers, be able to delegate, direct, motivate and develop your staff better, and develop a clearer vision for how to build your business, then look out for our upcoming training opportunities!

Upcoming Workshops!


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