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Participants often tell us how much they enjoy our workshops, and how any apprehensions they may have had were quickly dispelled and that it felt safe and non-confrontational. The workshops really enforce how all people are equally valuable and how to work best with all the different styles of people.

99% of the participants on our workshops would recommend our workshops to others.

We offer many different types of workshops and training. Because your needs are unique, our training is tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

Healthy teamHealthy teams

4 hours team building workshop for groups of 3+

This workshop is powerful and interactive, and all about building productive teams that work well together – happy and healthy teams are more productive. Just some of the outcomes you can expect are:

  • Improved communication and motivation

  • Increased team cohesion

  • Decreased conflict and its impact on the team

  • Positively impact productivity and results


Your TEAM can do better! With this powerful and transformational programme things will never be the same again. We can help you take your team on this highly rewarding journey to excellence. The potential pay-off is huge, for you, your team members and your organisation.

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    Management with the x-factorManagement with the x-factor

    3-4 hours interactive workshop for groups of 3+ (add on to team building)

    Management is a learned skill. In this workshop we focus on the areas most needed to manage your team in a way that better inspires engagement, both with each other and with management policies and practices. You can expect the following outcomes:

    • Improved confidence amongst the management group

    • Reduced conflict and ability to manage situations

    • Ability to Inspire and enrol teams into action

    • Better directing/delegating, motivating, and developing your team members

    • Change management – process and engage

    • Build a thriving team that works well together

    Grow your leadershipGrow your Leadership

    3-4 hours interactive workshop for groups of 3+ (add on to team building)

    Being an effective leader involves many factors and skills. This workshop is designed to help you understand your natural ability, and what new learnings and skills you need to lead your team in the desired direction

    • Leadership, what are all the factors involved?

    • Your style and strengths and what they mean to your team

    • Develop and communicate vision and philosophy

    • Leading through change

    • Effective leadership unpacked

    • Inspiring teams into action.

    Cultivate your culture

    Cultivate your culture

    Company culture or cultural team building

    3+ hours interactive workshop for groups of 3+ (stand alone or add on to team building)

    Our nation is a wonderful diverse mix of cultures. Embracing and valuing the richness this can bring to a team environment is one of the keys to a truly healthy and thriving team, leading to better productivity and increased team member happiness and retention. In this workshop, we expand on ways to cultivate and create the culture you desire.

    • What is culture and why is it important?

    • Understand the Treaty of Waitangi and its relevance in your team

    • Improve communication

    • Decrease conflict through better understanding

    • Cultivate and create a motivated, productive team that works well together

      Grow yourself

      Grow yourself

      Tailored one on one sessions

      When we understand ourselves and our strengths better, we can create lives and work that best fit our individuality, leading to better productivity and happiness. I can work with you one-on-one to discover and develop your best self. These sessions will be tailored to suit your desired outcomes.

      Customised Solutions

      None of the packages fit your need? Let’s have a chat about what you feel your team or you need, and we can tailor solutions that best fit.

      Sales Workshops

      The workshops cover:

      • Learning more about your own style

      • Learning about different styles and their priorities, motivators, needs and expectations

      • Learning how to meet different customers’ needs and expectations

      We’d love to have the opportunity to hear about your business, discuss how we could help you or answer any questions you may have. Contact us for more information, or for a free consultation.