A New Year has started

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We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, with the chance for a break of some kind to rest and recharge - so important for people's well-being and creativity.  It can be a precious time for thinking and just being, often so difficult to find in the rest of the year. 

So, with that, a New Year has started, what have you got planned? How are you going to make this year better than last year?

BSI New Year 2019

One of the things we are constantly seeing is the magic that happens from teams that work well together.  Amazing teams get amazing results - they do better every time.  The sum of the individuals is multiplied when you are able to create that amazing team with your people, working together for a common purpose.  The results speak for themselves - a Workplace that Works.

So, in thinking of how you're going to make this year better than last, think of your people and their soft skills - their skills with other people, their ability to build relationships, have difficult conversations, know themselves and others.  These are the things that make your company different from others in the same industry, developing those skills that computers can't do, but that make the world of difference to your clients. The things that build culture and promote you as the employer of choice within your industry. Soft skills are tough, valuable and deliver a whole lot of ROI.

  • What professional development are you going to look into this year for you or your people?
  • What are the steps you will take to develop your people's soft skills? 
  • Are you ready to really build your teams?

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Strictly Savvy

Hot off the press at the end of last year is our latest resource - 7 Reasons Why Teams Should Fight.

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7 Reasons Why Teams Should Fight


One of the constant challenges for many business owners is the amount of admin that needs to be done.  We have found outsourcing is THE WAY TO GO!  Virtual Assistants are fantastic.

Is your business getting so busy that you are getting bogged down in the admin? What about outsourcing this to Jo and the team at Strictly Savvy. We love what they do for us. Check them out here

And it's even better that they are an amazing team. 

Here's what Jo has to say about the results for her business from the ongoing work they've done with us.

Find out what Jo has to say about BSI People Skills



Incredible Years Teacher programme

Do you know any early childhood teachers wanting great professional development?

We have been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Education to deliver the Incredible Years Teacher programme - a fantastic transformative 6-month programme which gives amazing results, for the teachers, the children and for families.  Waiting lists for teachers wanting to do this programme are kept by the local Ministry of Education offices.  If you're wanting to know more about this programme or how to get on the waiting list, please contact us.


K?piti Chamber of Commerce.

As well as being members of the Hutt and Wellington Chambers of Commerce, in December we became a Key Partner of the K?piti Chamber of Commerce.  We look forward to developing deeper relationships with the business community in the Hutt, Wellington and on the K?piti Coast.

We will be running an L&D Event for the K?piti Chamber in February, and in March we will start running monthly Paper Bag Lunch sessions in K?piti. These sessions will be short and powerful, as well as being great opportunities to network with other like-minded business owners. The knowledge gained will grow each month.

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So, a busy year ahead for BSI People Skills as we continue to grow our team and the teams of the businesses we love working with. 

Here's to a great year!

Warm regards,
Cathy and Lisa

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