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A New Year has started
How are you going to make this year better than last year?
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Rejoicing and Reflection
Our year of reflection, Christmas wishes and tips for that all important Christmas Punch
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Praise is a Powerful Tool
If you want your team to give you more, then PRAISE them.  Praise can increase commitment, performance, energy levels and happiness.
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Trip to Bangladesh and Nepal
Being part of the International Youth Summit in Nepal.  People training and workshops with students, teachers and executives in Bangladesh. Rewarding for all parties.
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Competitive Advantage Step #5:  RESULTS
All teams want RESULTS.  Are you working together, know what you are aiming for, all on the same page and most importantly how do you know?
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Competitive Advantage Step #4: ACCOUNTABILITY
ACCOUNTABILITY is about all team members being willing to hold each other accountable for their actions, or performance.
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Competitive Advantage Step #3: COMMITMENT
COMMITMENT is about decisions being made for the good of the team, and every person truly committing to those decisions.
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Competitive Advantage Step #2: Engaging in Productive CONFLICT
CONFLICT is by its very nature uncomfortable, but being able to engage in productive conflict is vital for highly functioning teams.
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The single most untapped competitive advantage is TEAMWORK
Your TEAM can do better! With this powerful and transformational programme, things will never be the same again.
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